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How one dog made our business possible.

From Tora Troop, Owner

I can trace the path that brought me to Pooch Professionals to one dog: Bey, my heart dog.


I’m a lifelong animal lover, and have had animals around me for as long as I can remember, but he was the first dog with which I had a genuine Partnership, in every single sense of the word.


A brief overview: I have had dogs in my life since I was 4 years old. I’ve ridden horses for 22 years, owning horses for 18 of those years. I’ve raised three horses from birth, two of whom I still have. I’ve raised four dogs from puppyhood, two dogs from adolescence with unknown/uncertain backgrounds, and worked with my animals through anxiety and lack of confidence. I’ve worked as a pack leader for a dog daycare, a large animal veterinary assistant, dogsitter, horse trainer and horse ranch manage. I’ve witnessed the shepherding of dear companions into, and out of, this life, gotten up in the middle of the night to administer medical care, ridden the highs and lows of animal life, both for my own animals and those I was tending to professionally. Partnership was palpable in every experience. Partnership that is built on Trust. Patience. Dedication and Compassion.


So,how did Bey set me on the path to carrying on Pooch Professionals? Bey became a tripawd at 6months of age. As he learned to navigate the world on 3 legs (which honestly didn’t take him long), our partnership became much 


deeper. Over his remaining three and a half years, Bey and I developed our own language - he leaned on me for physical assistance, I leaned on him for everything else. Bey’s physical deterioration was gradual, and we silently and fluidly adapted. Partnership. His tangible presence on my path ended shortly after he turned 4, but the impact of our partnership has continued to ripple throughout my life. It became the model for the way I live in this life -- seeking and fostering partnerships that are founded on trust, respect, patience, tenacity and compassion.


There’s a lot more to this story, but for this I’m keeping it brief. My intent is to illustrate why I have come to own Pooch Professionals, and what you can expect from us as a team. Dogs are so much more than furry companions who bring us endless joy - they are those things, but they have the capacity to bring genuine partnership to our lives. Pooch Professionals not only guides and supports that goal of happy, healthy dogs, but the potential of partnership as well. I will meet our clients and their beloved dogs with the same trust, respect, patience and tenacity I strive for in every aspect of my life.

Contact Pooch Professionals for professional dog training, outings and boarding in Silicon Valley/South Bay. Other services include 45 minute adventures, puppy training, and three hour day trips. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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