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We bridge the communication gaps between people and their pooches.

Often, when people are communicating with their dogs they send mixed signals. These mixed signals are confusing to dogs and will typically feed into problem behaviors. Too many times we see owners unintentionally perpetuating a problem they are desperately trying to fix.

We use methods of dog training that have been tested and are effective long-term.

Each of our Pooch Professionals are equipped with highly effective dog training methods and  possess the skills needed to help you utilize them with your dog. We take our jobs very seriously and to heart while following our strict code of conduct. Using a balance of praise and correction, we train you and your dog to master the art of the game "follow the leader.” This involves positive reinforcement through praise and play while using basic obedience training  to lay the foundation needed to problem solve effectively.

Taking the dog for a walk

We have a strict code of conduct to keep your dog safe, healthy and happy.

We will be patient, fair, and safe while training the dogs in our care. All dog play and social interactions are closely supervised and have a balance of activities. Client information is private and never shared. 

We offer lots of options so that you and your dog can get what you need, when you need it.

Not only can we bridge communication gaps, we can also bridge time gaps! We know how difficult it is for busy people to meet their dog's needs for exercise, mental stimulation, and regular socialization. In order for dogs to meet our needs, we must meet their needs. This is why we offer private dog walking, playdates, and overnight care in addition to our regular dog training services.

Going for a Walk

If you're ready to learn more about dog psychology and how to speak your dog's language, we'd love the opportunity to share this knowledge with you and your pack. We need 90–120 minutes with you in your home for the first lesson. We progress from there with 60 minute follow up lessons.

Thank you! We'll contact you very soon.

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