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We are a dedicated team of dog loving individuals on a mission to spread our knowledge and share our passion for providing a safe, fun loving, and productive dog training experience for dogs and their loving pack people.


Dogs are so much more than furry companions who bring us endless joy - they are those things, but they have the capacity to bring genuine partnership to our lives. Pooch Professionals not only guides and supports that goal of happy, healthy dogs, but the potential of partnership as well. I personally have had dogs in my life since I was 4 years old. I’ve raised four dogs from puppyhood, two dogs from adolescence with unknown/uncertain backgrounds, and worked with my animals through anxiety and lack of confidence. I’ve worked as a pack leader for a dog daycare, a large animal veterinary assistant, dogsitter, horse trainer and horse ranch manager. You can trust that I will meet our clients and their beloved dogs with the same trust, respect, patience and tenacity I strive for in every aspect of my life.

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Tora Troop   Owner


Lena Pooch Professionals.png
Lena Abu-Arafeh
 Head Trainer

Hi, I’m Lena and I’m the head trainer at pooch Professionals. I have always loved dogs, and had a strong passion for them since I was a kid.


I started working with dogs at a young age at a dog boarding facility and developed a strong interest in dog behavior and the why behind those behaviors. I have worked under various dog trainers & behaviorists in the industry ever since, learning to modify mild to moderate behavioral issues. I did a 2 year internship in Santa Cruz, under a trainer who worked with dogs who had severe behavioral issues. I also completed a level II certification from MHS Dog Training Academy. 


I now volunteer my free time with a dog rescue in San Francisco, who helps re-home and rehabilitate dogs to get them ready for adoption. I love training dogs – and I love to help build  strong relationship between dogs & their people who love them. This work is what I love, and it has always been very rewarding to me. I look forward to working with you!

Kristin Pooch Professionals.png
Kristen Reynolds

Hi, I'm Kristin. I'm 34 years old. I've been working in the dog care industry for over 5 years. 4 of those years have been in a boarding facility, where I was in charge of everything from managing group play, to walking, feeding, and medicating dogs in our care. 


I have 9 year old black lab named Alvin who is super friendly and playful. He helps me entertain our doggie guests. He can wrestle and play tug for hours, or give a dog all the space he or she may need while they are adjusting to the new digs. He has a real knack for matching the energy and social styles of our varying 4 legged guests.


I have experience with all sizes, ages, and temperaments. I am especially comfortable with aging pooches and dogs that require a little more patience. I've worked with super high energy police dogs to special 3 legged friends in wheel chairs. Temperament testing

was a daily responsibility for me for many years and I know just what to look for when assessing your pooches needs. I enjoyed working in the kennel and working with large groups of dogs, though I yearned to do something different that would allow me to get more one on one time and provide a better experience for dogs while they were away from their family pack.  

Now I love being a part of this Pooch Professionals team. I'm learning all about what it means to meet the individual training needs of each dog to ensure they maintain their "good dog club" status while enjoying all of the privileges that come with being a well trained dog. It's great being able to take dogs out hiking and swimming among other fun activities we can enjoy together. 


You can expect many pictures, videos, and funny updates during your dog's time spent with me, helping you to feel more a part of their experience while you need to be away from them.

Ashley Pooch Professionals.png
Ashley Bardach

Hi, I'm Ashley. I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. I have always had pets including birds, reptiles, small animals, and of course dogs. When I was a kid, I volunteered at the local animal shelter in South Hampton, NY. I spent a lot of time walking dogs there each year while on vacation with my family.


In 2010 I began fostering dogs for Rocket Dog Rescue.  I spent 2 years as a foster parent to many dogs that were eventually fortunate enough to be adopted into the loving homes they needed.

In 2015 I participated in a dog training program with Pooch Professionals and realized my dream of working with dogs full time as a professional dog trainer! I studied hard and completed over 100 hours training, walking, and providing overnight care services as a Pooch Pro.

In 2016 I moved back to the East Coast to be closer to family. I continued my work with dogs during this time providing private training, walking, and overnight care

services on my own. That same year, I was blessed with my beautiful daughter, Harmony. I began to miss my friends and life back in the Bay Area working with Pooch Professionals. In 2017 we moved back to rejoin the team!

Being with dogs all day and being able to help an owner and a dog become closer through training is my dream job. There is a lot of pride behind a well trained dog and the bonds that are created through that process can last forever! I am honored to get to experience so much of this in the work that I do!

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